'Concern' Fast 2018/19

Many thanks to Enya Murphy, from the charity ‘Concern’, who recently attended Grosvenor’s Senior School assembly to receive a cheque for £2208.34, which was raised by pupils of the School during a sponsored fast earlier in the year.

The fast saw over seventy pupils in years 11 – 14 voluntarily participate in a fast, in which they could choose to refrain from any activity of their choice; be it social media interaction, mobile phone use or simply eating. 

Enya was presented with the School’s cheque by three members of Grosvenor’s Charity Committee – Tyler Smith, Robert Orr and Rachel Kane, all Year 13; many thanks to them, as well as the remaining members of the committee, for their diligent organisation of this highly worthwhile event, led ably by Grosvenor’s Charity Co-ordinator Mrs McClelland, under whose direction the School has donated record sums of money to various good causes in recent years. 

Enya Murphy from 'Concern' recieves the School's cheque for over £2000 from members of its Charity Committte - (from left to right): Tyler Smith, Robert Orr and Rachel Kane.