‘Countryfile’ featuring Mr Reg Magowan

Members of the Grosvenor community were huddled around their television sets recently when Mr Reg Magowan MBE, a member of the School’s Board of Governors, appeared on BBC's flagship environmental programme ‘Countryfile’. Reg was interviewed by Anita Rani, of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fame, and spoke about our long distance footpath, the Ulster Way; Reg discussed the history of the Way and its founder Wilfred Capper (who also saved White Park Bay - which Grosvenor travelled to for its form one residentials for many years - from development).

Reg assisted with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme within Grosvenor for many years while his three children all attended Grosvenor. He is currently a Director of ‘Outdoor Recreation NI’. Reg has walked many of the National Trails in England and Scotland and is an ardent traveller, having "chalked up" 146 countries to date.

Well done to Reg on his appearance on such a high-profile, primetime programme, and we wish him the best of luck in all of his future walking and travelling exploits.   

Mr Reg Magowan pictured with 'Countryfile' presenter Anita Rani during recent filming for the popular BBC programme.