Cricket - N.C.U. Under 15 Selection

Congratulations to Grosvenor and C.I.Y.M.S. cricketer Peter McCreery who has been selected to represent the Northern Cricket Union (N.C.U.) in the upcoming 2015 inter regional series, to be played in Dublin between Monday 29th June and Wednesday 1st July.

Off-spinner Peter’s selection to the squad comes following a series of trials, held at the University of Ulster Jordanstown, which saw an initial pool of forty hopefuls reduced to a final squad of thirteen players over a total of six training sessions.

The inter regional series will see N.C.U. take on the North West, followed by Leinster and, finally, a Southern XI. Peter’s involvement in the series comes after he also participated in an N.C.U. tour of South Africa over the Easter period, during which they contested six matches, proving victorious in four, in and around Capetown.

Grosvenor’s connection to the forthcoming inter regional series is also increased by the involvement of former pupil Scott Irvine who, alongside Derek Heasley, will coach the squad throughout its set of fixtures.

Well done to Peter on his selection to the N.C.U. squad and we wish him the best of luck during next week’s fixtures as well as throughout the remainder of the season.





Grosvenor pupil Peter McCreery, photographed alongside cricket coaches Mr Jonathan Young (far left) and Mr Andrew White, as well as Principal Dr Frances Vasey, who has been selected to represent the Northern Cricket Union in the 2015 inter regional series, to be held in Dublin at the end of June and beginning of July.