Delegation of visiting Principals from Shanghai

On Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th December 2012 Grosvenor played host to a delegation of visiting School Principals from The Pudong Education Board, China as part of an initiative organised by ‘International House Belfast’. 

The visit offered an opportunity for the traveling Principals to discuss educational issues within Northern Ireland, comparing them with those faced within their own country, and to witness at first hand the education provided within Grosvenor - giving them the chance to witness good practice within the classroom that they may choose to implement back in their own schools.  In particular, the Principals found their visit to the Geography Department especially worthwhile on the Wednesday morning, when they were able to contribute to a discussion held within Mr Young’s A2 class regarding the issue of population size and, in particular, China’s famous ‘one child’ policy.

The visits are part of an exciting initiative which has seen International House Belfast quickly develop worthwhile educational links between schools in Northern Ireland and China. 

Many thanks to International House Belfast for organizing the visit, as well as the entire School community which helped to make the Principals feel so welcome during their stay.

Grosvenor welcomes its visiting Principals from China to the School at the beginning of December