‘Deloitte Scholar Scheme’

Congratulations to Grosvenor’s Head Boy Stuart Graham who was recently informed of his successful application onto the highly prestigious 'Deloitte Scholar Scheme'.

Stuart’s success came following six gruelling stages in the recruitment process, which required three separate trips to Deloitte's offices in the City of London and included the completion of an application form, a numerical reasoning exam, a critical thinking exam, a group exercise, a first round interview and a final interview.

As a result of Stuart’s successful application he will complete a paid placement with Deloitte, in London, from September 2016 to April 2017. In addition, following this initial placement, Stuart will be provided with a travel bursary to help fund his holidays before beginning University in September 2017, when he hopes to take up a place to study Management Sciences at Loughborough University.

Whilst at University Deloitte will contribute towards Stuart’s fees and will also guarantee him at least four weeks of paid work during his holidays every year. Furthermore Stuart will get the chance to work with the Deloitte Marketing team at his university whilst, looking to the future, being a Deloitte scholar will gives him exemption from the first interview stage if he decides to apply to Deloitte as a graduate.

Well done to Stuart on selection onto this elite, highly competitive scheme and we wish him the best of luck in the remainder of his studies at GGS and beyond, as well as during his time working with Deloitte in London next year.

Grosvenor Head Boy Stuart Graham, pictured alongside Dr. Vasey, who was recently informed of his successful application onto the prestigious 'Deloitte Scholar Scheme'.