Disability Awareness Day

On Wednesday 20th April a delegation from the organization ‘Disability Pride’, led by Michael Holden - Secretary to the Friends of Grosvenor Association - staged a first for GGS when it ran an inaugural, highly successful wheelchair obstacle course for pupils from all year groups within the school.

Participating pupils were challenged to traverse a steep ramp, travel over rocky ground and throw a basketball through a hoop during their completion of the obstacle course. The day proved highly popular and was extremely worthwhile as all of the pupils not only had a great time, but also received the opportunity to appreciate more fully what it would be like to get around in a wheelchair on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you to everyone from ‘Disability Pride’ who made the day one that many pupils will remember; we now look forward to many further such events being staged within the school over the coming years.

Grosvenor pupils attempt to negotiate the obstacle course during the School's recent Disability Awareness Day.