E-Safety Awareness Talks

On Tuesday 29th November Grosvenor welcomed motivational speaker Wayne Denner to the school where he delivered three highly informative sessions to pupils and parents regarding the important issue of e-safety.

Wayne, who speaks to schools and organization across the globe, spoke to Senior School pupils during periods 7 and 8, followed by junior pupils throughout the final two periods of the day and, finally, parents in the evening.

Wayne educates young people about e-safety and, specifically, protecting their online reputation; in particular, he offers advice to pupils regarding how to use the internet to ensure that they become more employable. Entrepreneur Wayne has also devised an app. to help people check their online reputation, which formed an important part of each of his educational, extremely worthwhile talks on the day.

Many thanks to Wayne for his didactic talks and we are sure that the pupils learnt a great deal from his teachings on the day.

Motivational speaker Wayne Denner with year ten pupils Josh Fidids and Adam Sykes following his presentation to junior school on Tuesday 29th November.