Eco-Schools’ Green Flag Award

Congratulations to Grosvenor's Eco committee which was notified of the School's success in being awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools’ Green Flag Award following an assessment conducted on Monday 25th April by the environmental charity ‘Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful’.

In order to successfully attain the accolade the School undertook a rigorous range of tasks, including conducting a review of its Eco Code, the development of a bespoke GGS water bottle, the staging of a whole-school Recycling Week, liaision with both Lagan College and the Castlereagh Greenway project and participation in an extensive litter campaign.

The assessors who visited the school commented:  “The Eco committee is made up of enthusiastic and knowledgeable members, with excellent involvement from the Board of Governors. There is a great base established now and the committee have learnt lots of what did and didn’t work for next year.”

The internationally recognised Green Flag is the highest award given to Eco-Schools and symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity, while the Eco-Schools' Programme is the world’s largest Environmental Education initiative and aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of a school. Its participatory approach and combination of learning and action makes it an ideal way for schools to begin improving the environments of schools and their local communities.

The Grosvenor pupils involved in its successful application were: Rosie Hull, Andrew Fisher, Tom Purdon and Elizabeth Sergeant (all upper sixth), Caleb Elliot, Robert Braiden and Michael Culbert (all lower sixth), Anna Doherty, Maya Todd and Rachel Simpson (all form five); Emma Chalmers (form three); Jake Dalzell and Holly McDowell (both form two) and Taisie Court, form one, while the teachers leading the application were Mrs Heather Reid, Mrs Amanda Waterworth and Mrs Melanie Fox.

Well done to the school on securing this much coveted award, which it will now hold for the next two years, and we wish its Eco committee the best of luck as they set about undertaking a plethora of further initiatives to ensure its renewal in 2018.






Members of Grosvenor's Eco committee along with Principal Dr. Vasey and visiting judges from the environmental charity 'Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful' following news of the school's successful application on Tuesday 25th April.