English Literature Lectures

On the afternoon of Thursday 27th March Grosvenor’s English department welcomed Dr Deborah Russell and Dr Lucy Cogan from Queen’s University to speak to its 6th form students regarding a relevant component of their A Level English Literature course.

Drs Russell and Cogan, each of whom specialise in Eighteenth Century and Romantic Literature, delivered an educational and informative session on Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock’, which Grosvenor’s Upper 6th pupils have been studying in accordance with A2 Unit 1 of the CCEA Specification.

All of those in attendance, including teachers Mrs Orla Young and Miss Nicola Hyndman, found the experience most worthwhile and it will only serve to help the School’s A2 students as they prepare for their final examinations in May and June.

Q.U.B. Lecturers Dr Deborah Russell and Dr Lucy Cogan pictured alongside Upper 6th English Literature students Joshua McIlrath and Emma Wilson during their visit to the School on Thursday 27th March