EU Mock Council Debate 2016

On Friday 14th October Grosvenor pupils Dan Whitcroft, Bartek Chlopicki and Kristen Shields, accompanied by their Politics teacher Mrs Lander, made the short journey to Parliament Buildings, Stormont, where they represented the school with distinction in the prestigious ‘EU Mock Council debate’.  

This year marked the second consecutive time that the school had participated in this event and, on this occasion, representing Slovakia, Dan, Bartek and Kristen participated in two debates, the first on on TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), and the second on the issue of ‘Brexit’. 

Bartek represented the School in the TTIP debate during the morning session, with  discussions revolving around the transparency of the deal and the impact it would have on the environment. In the afternoon, meanwhile, Dan dealt with the issue at hand - regarding the future of the EU and the U.K. post ‘Brexit’, and whether ‘Brexit’ should be 'hard' or 'soft.' 

Throughout both sessions Kristen supported her colleagues by gathering research and statistics relevant to each debate.  

Each member of Grosvenor’s triumvirate on the day represented the school superbly, conducting plenty of research beforehand, prepping their opening statements and researching Slovakia's position on the two issues.  

The day proved highly worthwhile and Dan, Bartek and Kristen should all take great encouragement from their impressive performances on the day.

Grosvenor pupils (from left to right): Dan Whitcroft, Kristen Shields and Bartek Choplicki, each of whom represented the school with distinction at the 'Mock EU Council Debate', held at Parliamnet Buildings, Stormont on Friday 14th October.