‘eye4education’ Careers Days 2016

On Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd June Grosvenor’s Careers department welcomed representatives from leading educational consultancy ‘eye4education’ to the school to deliver an education, careers-based programme to over three hundred of its pupils in forms two and four.

The initiative, which took place in the John Lockett Sports Hall, featured a range of activities, all designed to be fun, promote the engagement of the pupils and be competitive. Pupils took part in a number of tasks such as learning the 4Ps of marketing, ‘Dragons’ Den’, building towers with spaghetti and marshmallows, business challenges and launching rockets. A number of awards and prizes were also distributed at the conclusion of both days to a number of very worthwhile winners.

Many thanks to ‘eye4eduaction’ for its successful delivery of such educational, worthwhile content, as well as Grosvenor’s Head of Careers Mrs Fiona Browne who oversaw and coordinated both days.

The School looks forward to welcoming ‘eye4education’ back to the school during the next academic year to deliver yet more worthwhile content to a new set of GGS pupils.

Some of Grosvenor's Form Two pupils hard at work during one of eye4education's educational careeers-based days on Thursday 23rd June.