Fencing Achievements

Congratulations to Grosvenor 6th former Stephen Brown who achieved a superb 3rd place at the North West Open, held at Foyle and Londonderry College on Saturday 13th October – defeated only by former GGS pupil and eventual victor Clarke Little in the semi-final. 

In addition Saturday 17th November saw the same venue host the Derry Open, where Tony Eve (Lower 6th) secured first place in the Mens’ Foil category following a nail biting 15-14 victory in the final over Stephen, who this time went one place better than his previous month’s result by finishing in 2nd place.  Commendable performances at this competition also came from Sam Gourley (Form 5), Ryan Simpson (Form 4) and Jake Wylie (Form 5).

Well done to Grosvenor’s Fencers who continue to perform so well on a regular basis.  We look forward to hearing of their further success throughout the season.