Fencing - Belfast Open 2013

Congratulations to a number of GGS pupils who achieved success whilst competing for Grosvenor Fencing Club at The Belfast Open, held at St Columbanus College, Bangor on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March.  Notable successes were as follows:

Under 14 Boys’ Foil - William Girvan - 3rd; David Eve - 6th 

Under 16 Boys’ Foil - Johnny Little - 1st; Stewart McClune - 2nd; Jordan Williams - 6th 

Senior Mens’  Foil - Stephen Brown - 3rd; Tony Eve - 8th

Senior Mens' Epee - Sam Gourley - 14th 

Senior Mens’ Sabre - Jordan Williams - 12th

Senior Womens’ Sabre - Deanna Montgomery - 6th

Well done to each of Grosvenor’s fencers who competed so well on the day and we look forward to hearing of further successes from them throughout the remainder of the season.



Grosvenor pupil Stephen Brown (left) who was placed 3rd in the Senior Mens' Foil event