Fencing – ‘Trinity Mixed Team Foil’ Success

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Stephen Brown who achieved victory as one third of the winning team in the ‘Trinity Mixed Team Foil’ competition on Saturday 2nd March.

The event, staged at Trinity College, Dublin, saw Grosvenor Fencing Club represented by Stephen alongside Lucy Taylor and Kristofer Gwynne, each of whom combined to eventually secure a close-fought victory by 45 points to 44 in the final. 

Grosvenor’s success came in a high class contest which featured eleven teams in total and is made all the more impressive given that the combined ages of the three participants made the Grosvenor team amongst the youngest in the competition.

Well done to the club once again on its continued success and we look forward to celebrating further achievements from its members over the coming weeks. 

Left to Right: Grosvenor's fencers Lucy Taylor, Stephen Brown and Kristofer Gwynne who achieved victory in the 'Trinity Mixed Team Foil' event, held at Trinity College, Dublin, on Saturday 2nd March