FOG Murder Mystery Event

On the evening of Tuesday 16th October there was tension and drama in the air as the School’s Friends of Grosvenor Association hosted its annual Murder Mystery Event for pupils and parents.

Beginning at 7pm, teams of contestants were faced with the conundrum of deduding who, from a gallery of suspects, was responsible for the Murder of Miss Marina Park, Secretary of ‘Cameronian Community College’, who had been found lying dead in the gym by the School’s caretaker, Danny Boye, the previous Friday.

Suspects on the night were made of up the following likely candidates:  Professor Stag, Principal of ‘CCC’ (played by Mrs Orla Young), Clarence Wood, the School’s Vice – Principal (portrayed by Mr Diarmuid Brittain), Danny Boye, caretaker of CCC (Mr Brian Wilson), Donovan Greenville, Head Boy of CCC (Ross White, Upper 6th), Onslow Parke, brother of Marina Parke (Cameron Kirkpatrick), Colonel Rufus Houston, Chairman of CCC’s Board of Governors (Mr Alan Cowan), Hermoine Bloomfield, Chemistry teacher and Head of 6th Form at CCC (Sarah McDowell, Upper 6th), and Petronella Houston, wife of Rufus (Alexandrina McClune, Lower 6th). 

Following much discussion and deliberation the murder was revealed as a crime of passion, carried out, with the help of a Hockey stick, by the School’s Head Boy Donovan Greenville.

Many thanks to everybody who supported this most enjoyable event as well as the many FOG members whose organisation helped to make it possible.

We look forward to further FOG events throughout the year.