Form 4 Business Studies Trip to Tayto Factory

On Monday 17th June Grosvenor’s Form 4 Business Studies pupils embarked on the School’s annual visit to the Tayto Factory in Tandragee.

Having left School at 8.45 am and arrived in Tandragee for 10am pupils received the opportunity to meet and have their photograph taken with the Tayto brand mascot, Mr Tayto – a highlight of the trip for many of the pupils and staff!  Following this Grosvenor’s delegation were then given a tour of the factory in order to see how Tayto crisps and snacks are made. The pupils experienced at first hand a very busy, fully functional factory. They saw the complete production process – including what happens to the potatoes when they arrive at the factory, how they are stored, washed, sliced, cooked, flavoured and packaged.

During the tour pupils also got to taste the crisps at various stages of the production process. The pupils seemed to really enjoy the trip as not only did they get to eat lots of crisps and meet Mr Tayto but they also developed a better understanding of how and why businesses like Tayto operate in the way that they do, relating what they have been studying over the last year to a real life business.

Many thanks to everybody at the Tayto factory who helped to make the day so enjoyable as well as teachers Mrs McLaughlin and Mrs Hunter-Burns whose attendance on the day and preparation in advance of the trip made it possible.

We look forward to further educational and worthwhile visits to the Tayto Factory over the coming years.

Grosvenor's Form 4 Business Studies students during their trip to the Tayto Factory in Tandragee earlier in the month