Form Five ‘Eye4Education’ and ‘Tree of Knowledge’ events

Tuesday 25th February proved particularly informative for the School’s entire 5th form year group when it received the opportunity to attend a pair of workshops designed to focus their minds on future goals, targets and opportunities.

For the morning session the year group was divided into two groups, with one half attending a seminar run by ‘Eye4Education’ in Lecture Dance and the other going to a workshop delivered by ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in the William Moles Hall, before swapping for the second half of the day.

The ‘Eye4Education’ event, delivered by Darren Nixon, encouraged pupils to look at two main areas – ‘Labour Market Information’ and ‘Winning and Influencing’. Pupils were actively involved in investigating the Northern Ireland economy and labour market as well as exploring current in-demand employment opportunities in N.I. and abroad. Pupils also spent time understanding employer expectations and producing their own strengths and weaknesses report. Time was then spent showing pupils the top ten secret tips for interviews in addition to advice and guidance on how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The ‘Tree of Knowledge’ session, meanwhile, delivered by Ben Best, was a fun, motivational experience that included a range of inspirational tips for the pupils in the lead-up to their GCSE exams this summer.  Delivered in Ben’s unique, entertaining manner, the session helped to inspire self-belief, evoke positive attitudes, and encouraged those present to increase their aspirations for the future.

Both sessions helped pupils to prepare for and think about their futures as they prepare for their GCSE exams and beyond – many thanks to Darren and Ben for delivering their respective sessions and we look forward to seeing them again in the School before long.




Some of Grosvenor's 5th form pupils enjoy the 'Eye4Education' workshop, held in Lecture Dance, on Tuesday 25th February