Form Five Geography Field Trips

At the beginning of term Grosvenor’s Form Five Geography students made the lengthy journey to Magilligan Field Centre where they conducted essential fieldwork relating to their GCSE Controlled Assessment.

Fieldwork was carried out on the Curly Burn River with the help of the Field Centre’s excellent, supportive staff, Michael and Natalie, who directed pupils in the collection of data relating to changes in the: width, depth, discharge, cross-sectional area, velocity, gradient and bedload shape and size of the river.

Pupils were afforded the opportunity to gather data at each site, swapping roles and recording the primary data for taking back to School for their write up, which requires them to “Look at the changing characteristics of a river as we move downstream” and will include an analysis, interpretation and conclusion of the results.

Many thanks to all at Magilligan Field Centre who helped to make the field trips so worthwhile and enjoyable.

Grosvenor's GCSE Geography students hard at work during their analysis of the Curly Burn River earlier in the term