Form Four Biology Field Trip 2016

On Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th June Grosvenor’s Form Four Biologists made the short journey to Crawfordsburn Country Park where they carried out a range of tasks in conjunction with the requirements of their GCSE course.

During the visit pupils estimated the percentage cover of different plant species in a transect; estimated the number of daises in an area of lawn; collected insects using seep nets and pooters and observed different animal species used to indicate pollution levels in the pond and river.

The trip proved highly worthwhile and will help each of the pupils as they continue their GCSE studies next year. Many thanks to each member of the School’s Biology department, led by Mrs Auld, whose organization of and attendance on the trip made it possible.

Some of Grosvenor's Form Four Biologists hard at work during their field trip to Crawfordsburn Country Park on Friday 17th June.