Form Four ‘Tayto Factory’ Trip

On Tuesday 17th June 28 of the School’s Form Four Business Studies students were afforded the opportunity to visit the Tayto Factory in Tandragee as part of their GCSE studies in the subject.

Despite some initial horror at having to part with their mobile phones, watches and jewellery for health and safety reasons prior to entering the food processing factory, the pupils’ mood soon improved when they were afforded the opportunity to meet the company’s iconic mascot, Mr Tayto!  As is customary, many of the pupils took the opportunity to pose for photographs to record this event for posterity!

Upon commencement of the tour the group was divided in two before being whisked off to the heart of the factory itself.  First stop was the huge storage warehouse for the potatoes where Jill, the tour guide, went into great detail about how the potatoes are sourced, stored and processed. Next stop was the factory floor containing lots of machinery which washed, cut, fried, flavoured and packaged the crisps. At each stop the tour guides allowed the pupils to taste the freshly cooked crisps; some had no flavouring and others were new products which had just been introduced into the market. It was discovered that Tayto have several factories in England and deal with businesses with other countries including Argentina and Spain.

Tayto also make crisps for such businesses as ‘Aldi’, ‘Boots’ and ‘Sainsbury's’ and the pupils got to taste these products along the way! During the factory tour they also got free crisps to take home.

At the end of the tour the students had the opportunity to speak to a senior member of the Tayto management team and ask him some questions, posing some really interesting and relevant questions about Marketing and Finance within the business. Finally, the students were all allowed to select a multipack of crisps to take home as well as a packet of Tayto's newest 'pulled pork' flavoured crisps.

Many thanks to all at the Tayto Factory who made the day so enjoyable, educational and worthwhile, as well as teachers Mrs McDonald and Mr Elliott, whose attendance on the trip made the whole day possible.

The School looks forward to returning to Tayto with it Form Four students again next year.

Mr Elliott and Mrs McDonald, accompanied by some Form Four Business Studies pupils, pose for a photo with Mr Tayto!