Form One Residentials 2013

Friday 27th September saw the conclusion of three weeks’ worth of residential visits by each of Grosvenor’s six First Year form classes to ‘Delamont Outdoor Education Centre’ on the shores of Strangford Lough.

The residentials, which saw a total of eighteen members of staff attend along with some 160 pupils, provided those in attendance with the opportunity to participate in a range of outdoor activities such as bouldering, cliff jumping, canoeing and adventure walks, as well as some indoor activities such as archery and rock climbing.

Without a doubt the trips proved both highly worthwhile and popular, whilst they also provided the perfect opportunity for pupils within Form One to bond as they got to know their peers all the better through the range of activities on offer.

Many thanks to the Education Centre’s expert instructors who helped to deliver the activities in an enjoyable but safe manner – the School looks forward to taking an entire new set of Form One pupils to participate in these activities again next year.

Members of 1E prepare to embark on some cliff jumping during their recent residential visit to Delamont Outdoor Education Centre.