Forms 3 and 4 visit to CAFRE at Loughry Campus

On Tuesday 12th June some thirty Home Economics students from Forms 3 and 4 in Grosvenor, accompanied by Mrs Farris and Mrs Caulfield, visited Loughry Campus of CAFRE for a Feed Your Mind Open Day.

The pupils were split into two groups to see a wide variety of demonstrations, such as Ice Cream Manufacture, Acids in Action, What’s in a label?, Chocolate Manufacture, Hygiene Monitoring, Bread Manufacture, What’s in a Sausage? and the very interesting Careers in the Food Industry.

After a very busy morning they stopped at the Linen Green in Dungannon for lunch before heading back to school.  Many thanks to Mrs Farris and Mrs Caulfied for organising this fun and exciting opportunity, as well as those at CAFRE who helped to make the day so worthwhile.