G.C.S.E. Music Trip to Sonic Arts Research Centre

On Monday 15th September Grosvenor’s G.C.S.E. Music Students made the short journey to Queen’s University where they were afforded the opportunity to attend an informative lecture held at the impressive ‘Sonic Arts Research Centre’ (S.A.R.C.).

The key purpose of the trip was to address the G.C.S.E. component of composition, with Q.U.B. representative Chris Corrigan delivering a most worthwhile address especially for Grosvenor’s pupils, featuring a series of impressive compositions from various Q.U.B. students.  The performances of these pieces brought the amazing ‘S.A.R.C.’ laboratory to life, with its uniqueness vested in the degree of flexibility it can provide for experiments in sound diffusion within a purpose-built, variable acoustic space.

Useful information regarding the BSc Pathway in Music Technology with links to the BMus course was also provided during what proved to be a most enjoyable and worthwhile trip.  The entire experience provide highly beneficial for Grosvenor’s delegation and its students will now return to G.G.S. awash with ideas and enthused as they embark on their own compositions.

Many thanks to Head of Music Miss Rosemary Foster whose planning of the event made it possible, as well as fellow Music teacher Mr Jonathan Arnold, without whose attendance it would not have been possible.

Chris Corrigan delivers an informative lecture to Grosvenor pupils during their visit to the 'Sonic Arts Research Centre' at Q.U.B.