GCSE, AS and A2 Business Studies tour of IKEA

On Monday 14th March 25 of Grosvenor’s AS, A2 and GCSE Business Studies students made the short journey to IKEA at Holywood Exchange where they enjoyed an educational tour of the store as part of the department’s ‘Rewards and Recognitions’ strategy.

The pupils arrived at the store at 10am to be greeted by Nigel, who worked for IKEA on a full-time basis for nine years prior to his retirement: he now only comes in solely to provide tours for school groups. During their visit to the giant 35000 square foot site the pupils learnt a plethora of information that is relevant to their Business Studies courses, regarding, firstly, the structure of IKEA's business, the scale it operates on and how it maintains a positive brand image.

While touring the various sections of the store Nigel also gave the pupils a valuable insight into how IKEA's products are manufactured, distributed and marketed - with the pupils left blown away by the amount of effort IKEA puts into reducing its waste, recycling old products and re-using materials – all of which contribute to the sustainability of IKEA's business.

All those present on the day found the trip very interesting and incredibly worthwhile in relation into their respective Business Studies courses – many thanks to IKEA, and especially Nigel, for agreeing to the tour and to GGS’s own Head of Business Studies, Mrs Jill Hunter-Burns, for her organisation of the initiative.

Grosvenor pupils during the visit to IKEA on Monday 14th March