GCSE Business Studies Trip to ‘Tayto’

On Tuesday 27th June a group of thirty GCSE Business Studies students, from Year Eleven, made the journey to the Tayto Factory in Tandragee on a trip that will prove invaluable to them in their Year Twelve studies.

The pupils received a tour of the entire factory where they witnessed the production process; from how the potatoes are stored and the type needed, to how these are cleaned by large machinery with different purposes, to being prepared for frying.

The GGS delegation also got to see how different varieties of crisps are cooked differently; it was an informative tour, with the pupils learning how the wastage of crisps, following workers carrying out quality-control, is used for animal feed. It was also beneficial for the pupils to see how the machines flavour the crisps and package them, before they are then boxed for transport.

The students were given the opportunity to sample the crisps, from the start of production - when fried with no flavor - to the many different varieties of crisps available, while they also received both a business history and health and safety overview, before entering the factory floor.  

Many thanks to everybody at Tayto who made Grosvenor’s visiting pupils so welcome, as well as teachers Miss McCabe and Mr Winters who accompanied them throughout – we are sure that the visit will contribute to some excellent examination results when the final GCSE Business Studies results are published next August. 

A number of Grosvenor's Year Eleven Business Studies students pose with 'Mr Tayto' during their visit to the Tayto Factory, in Tandragee, on Tuesday 27th June. 

Mr Winters and Miss McCabe make a new friend at the Tayto Factory!