GCSE Geography Field Trip

On the dates of Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th September over fifty of the School’s Form 5 Geography students made the trip to Magilligan Field Centre where they were required to undertake a series of tasks and investigations relating to their upcoming G.C.S.E. Controlled Assessment.

On each day pupils received a 45 minute lesson, from staff members at the Field Centre, on how to conduct a river study as well as how to use the equipment provided in order to record data relating to the river.

Following this the pupils then visited a number of sites on the Curly Burn river, a tributary of the River Roe, where they were given the opportunity to measure depth, width and velocity, as well as bedload size and shape.

Many thanks to those members of staff at the Field Centre who provided such useful guidance on the days, as well as Grosvenor teachers Mr Young, Mr Cowan, Mrs McLaughlin, Miss Byers, Mr Elliott and Miss Wilson, each of whom also provided invaluable support and information. 

Each of the trips will prove most useful as Form 5 now set about undertaking their River Study Controlled Assessment, the successful completion of which will go a long way towards helping them achieve of their best in next summer’s final G.C.S.E. examination. 

Grosvenor's Form 5 GCSE Geographers set about their work during their visit to Magilligan Field Centre at the beginning of September.