Generation Innovation ‘Night of Ambition’

Congratulation to Grosvenor pupil Gareth Reid, Upper Sixth, who was recently invited to speak to students at the prestigious ‘Generation innovation Night of Ambition’, held on Wednesday 2nd March at Belfast’s’ St. George’s Market.

‘Generation Innovation’ is a network for Northern Ireland’s most innovative, creative and entrepreneurial 15 – 18 year olds, run by NISP CONNECT. This year’s ‘Night of Ambition’ saw schools and colleges invited to nominate teenagers to attend who excel in a range of different areas, from science and technology to entrepreneurship and selling, from art and design to engineering and maths, and featured a range of inspiring talks, a fun ‘Invention Challenge’ with some of Northern Ireland’s coolest entrepreneurs, a plethora of stalls representing some of NI’s most cutting-edge employers and, most importantly, free food and drink!

Gareth has been involved with Generation Innovation over the past three years, first as a member then, for the past two years, through their internship program which saw him co-found and lead the prestigious ‘Create 2015’ conference last September.

Gareth was invited to speak at this year’s ‘Night of Ambition’ as a one of fifty founders - due to his previous work with his renowned ‘Write to Read’ application (which saw him design an iphone app capable of photographing written text and presenting it on screen in a bespoke font which has been proven to be more easily processed by dyslexic readers) and talked to a table of school children about his experiences whilst helping them throughout the night.

Well done to Gareth on his invitation to this prestigious event and we wish him the best of luck in his continued endeavors with the NISP and beyond.

Grosvenor pupil Gareth Reid speaks to the invited audience of this year's Generation Innovation 'Night of Ambition' event, held at St. George's market on Wednesday 2nd March.