Geography Department visit to Magilligan Field Centre

On Tuesday 15th September all 27 of Grosvenor’s G.C.S.E. Geographers made the long journey to Magilligan Field Centre in Limavady where they were afforded the opportunity to complete the data collection element of their Controlled Assessment, which contributes 25% towards their final GCSE grade.

The trip saw pupils break into groups to complete fieldwork, during which they were able to collect data that they will then analyse upon their return tp Grosvenor.

Many thanks to Geography teachers Mrs Rea and Mr Young who helped to instruct the pupils throughout their fieldwork, as well as fellow staff members Mr Cowan and Mrs Hay, who became honorary members of the Geography department for the day! Particular thanks is also due to the staff at Magilligan Field Centre who facilitated the fieldwork effectively and whose expertise and guidance were much appreciated throughout.

We look forward to Grosvenor’s Geographers making use of the data collected to achieve excellent Controlled Assessment marks over the coming months.

Some of Grosvenor's Form Five Geographers during their visit to Magilligan FIeld Centre in September