Geography – Year Ten Ebola Talk

On Thursday 9th February Grosvenor’s Geography department welcomed Major Scott Dunlop to the William Moles Hall where spoke to the School’s Year Ten students about his experience during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa during 2014, when he was in charge of co-ordinating the efforts made by governments and charities in Port Loko, Sierra Leone.

Major Dunlop explained how Ebola is passed from person to person, as well as the difficulties of people ignoring the quarantine rules in order to earn money in a country where corruption is rife and money for compensation doesn't reach people. In the area concerned, around which doctors were inadvertently spreading the disease through their treatments, his job included persuading twenty charities to co-ordinate their operations, creating a new police force as so many had been killed by ebola, and training the local army, medics and government officials to continue to deal with the outbreak once he left the country.

The talk gave all of the pupils present a superb insight into the outbreak and the difficulties associated with it in a country with such limited resources. Major Dunlop also answered many of the pupils' questions afterwards, helping to ensure that everyone gained a greater understanding which will help them whilst studying their unit on the Geography of Health.

Many thanks to Major Dunlop for taking the time to come and speak to our pupils about this hugely emotive topic – his words certainly had a huge impact on all present and it is hoped that he will return to the school to speak to other year groups later in the year.