Geography – Year Ten Haiti talk

On Monday 18th December Grosvenor’s Geography department welcomed Maeve McGoldrick to the school where she spoke to all of its year ten pupils regarding her work as a cholera nurse.

Maeve used her talk as an opportunity to share her experiences from her time in Haiti, where she worked for four-and-a-half years following its destructive earthquake of 2010. Maeve explained how her work did not just involve providing medal aid to the two-and-a-half thousand cholera sufferers within the country, but also involved rebuilding people’s lives; helping them to find employment and a reason to live in the aftermath of such destruction.

Maeve also spent some time discussing her work in Lesvos, Greece, where she has also carried out much extremely worthwhile work in relation to the refugee crisis which has affected the region.

Maeve’s talk proved extremely enlightening for the 160 pupils in attendance, helping to bring to life many of the experiences which they have read about in textbooks but not heard about at first hand – the School extends a huge debt of gratitude to Maeve for taking the time to visit the school and share her eye-opening experiences, as well as GGS’s own Head of Geography, Mrs Deborah Wilson, who was responsible for organising the entire event. 

GGS guest speaker Maeve McGoldrick with a number of the School's Year Ten pupils following her talk on Monday 18th December.