German Exchange - Return Leg 2014

For a period of one week, from Saturday 8th to Saturday15th March, Grosvenor’s industrious German department was busy staging the return leg of the school’s annual exchange with its German partner School, ‘Evangelisches Gymnasuim’ from Lippstadt.  Having visited Germany on a week-long trip during September it was Grosvenor’s turn to host its partners this time around, whose delegation this year comprised 27 pupils, accompanied by teachers Michael Kassner and Steffi Funke.

This year’s packed itinerary included a tour of Parliament Buildings, Stormont on Monday 10th, a trip to The Giant’s Causeway on Tuesday 11th, a busy programme of activities at ‘Clearsky Adventure Centre’ in Castle Ward on Wednesday 12th, a visit to Pizza Hut on the evening of Thursday 13th and an excursion to Titanic Quarter on Friday 14th.  

As always this year’s exchange offered a superb opportunity for the pupils of both schools to develop their language skills, as well as broaden their horizons by exploring new cultures and experiences.  Thanks go to all members of the German Department, led by Mrs Fiona Dorman and also including Mr Alan Cowan and Miss Andrea Elwood, as well as Mr Stephen Smyth who made the trip to Germany on the first leg of the exchange in September.

We are delighted that Grosvenor’s longstanding and popular exchange with ‘Evangelisches Gymnasuim’ continues to thrive and hope that this will remain the case for many years to come.

German exchangeees from Grosvenor and Evangelisches Gymnasium pose for the camera prior to the latter's return to Lippstadt on Saturday 15th March