German Film Day 2015

On Friday 6th February sixteen members of the School’s Sixth Form, accompanied by German teacher Miss Andrea Elwood, made the short journey to the Queen’s Film Theatre where they attended a ‘German Film Day’ for students of A-Level German.

The trip provided an excellent opportunity for Grosvenor's students to meet with pupils from other schools from across the province and to watch German films from outside of the exam specification.

This year's film was a screening of ‘Westwind’ (click here for trailer in German) which is based on a true story; set in Hungary in 1988, against the backdrop of a divided Europe, the film presents a young love story and depicts the issues faced when East Germany and West Germany amalgamated around this time. 

The pupils on the day were also joined by Sabine Uibel from the Goethe Institut, who introduced the film and provided a workshop with various film-based activities for the pupils.

All in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the film and left in agreement that it was a highly worthwhile experience.




Grosvenor's A-Level German students during their visit to Q.F.T. on Friday 6th February