GGS Annual Sports Awards Dinner 2018/19

On the evening of Thursday 4th April the School held its third annual Sports Awards Dinner at La Mon Hotel & Country Club, which provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of its various sports stars and teams following the conclusion of the winter sporting season.

The evening was particularly notable for the contribution of Ulster and Ireland rugby star Paul Marshall, currently a P.E. PGCE student on placement in the School, who rounded off the highly successful evening by engaging in a Q&A with Grosvenor’s Head of Sports Studies Mr McDowell, providing a valuable insight into professional sport and his thoughts on sport in GGS from his time in the school so far.

Awards were distributed on the night by the coaches of each respective team, with accolades being handed to the Player of the Year and Most Improved Player within each team across Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Football. A list of the winners on the night is as follows:

Rugby: 1st XV - Most Improved Player: Jamie Sadlier; Player of the Year: Jordan Brown. 2nd XV - Most Improved Player: Johnny Allen; Player of the Year: Andrew Middleton. Medallion XV - Most Improved Player: Samuel Adelodun; Player of the Year: Michael Baird. Under 14 XV: Most Improved Player: Andrew Corken; Player of the Year: Sam Bailie. Under 13 XV - Most Improved Player: Kyle Bates; Player of the Year: Jude Anderson. 

Girls’ Hockey: 1st XI - Most Improved Player: Rhea Stewart; Player of the Year: Claire McKane. 2A XI - Most Improved Player: Olivia Davidson; Player of the Year: Grace McKimm. 2B XI - Most Improved Player: Bethany McKittrick; Player of the Year: Sasha Clare. 3rd XI - Most Improved Player: Ella Nicholl; Player of the Year: Ione Babes. Under 14 A XI - Most Improved Player: Bethan Jardine; Player of the Year: Rhianna Geddis. Under 14 B XI - Most Improved Player: Tinha Eltayeb; Player of the Year: Isabella McMullan. Under 13 A XI: Most Improved Player: Katie Graham; Player of the Year: Eva Wainwright. Under 13 B Girls Hockey - Most Improved Player: Codey Catherwood; Player of the Year: Ellie Skillen 

Boys’ Hockey: 1st XI - Most Improved Player: Alan Paul; Player of the Year: Andrew Hagen. 2nd XI - Most Improved Player: Lewis Smyth; Player of the Year: Joshua Harvey. Under 15 XI - Most Improved Player: Ciaran Bradley; Player of the Year: Nihal Shaji. Under 14 XI - Most Improved Player: Joel Conn; Player of the Year: Charlie Parke. Under 13 XI - Most Improved Player: Harry McMullan; Player of the Year: Ethan Trill.

Netball: Senior A - Most Improved Player: Ruth Seller; Player of the Year: Lisa Purdy. Senior B - Most Improved Player: Kara Purdy; Player of the Year: Katie Dowds. Inter A - Most Improved Player: Zoe Jess; Player of the Year: Amy Grant. Inter B - Most Improved Player: Louisa Millar; Player of the Year: Dara McCracken. Junior A - Most Improved Player: Maddie Stronge; Player of the Season: Helen Osborne. Minor A - Most Improved Player: Hayley Harrison; Player of the Year: Ellie Burgess.

Football: 1st XI - Most Improved Player: George Moore; Player of the Year: Luke Storey. U16 XI - Most Improved: Harry Campbell; Player of the Year: Matthew Gibson.

Well done to all of Grosvenor’s players and coaches who have represented the School with such distinction during the first part of the School sporting year; hopefully this will not be the end of the School’s success during the academic year 2018/19 as the summer season promises to bring plenty more achievements in cricket, athletics and tennis, to rival that of the sports referred to above. 

Grosvenor's award winners on the night congregate at the end of the evening's ceremony. 

1st XV Most Improved Player Jamie Sadlier (left), alongside 1st XV Player of the Year Jordan Brown and their coach Mr Neil Cushley. 

Minor 'A' netballers Hayley Harrison (Most Improved) and Ellie Burgess (Player of the Year) with their coach Mrs Hunter.