GGS Charity Prize Raffle

Congratulations to Year Thirteen pupil Rachel Gallagher who was the lucky winner of a prize raffle held within the School in December, which saw her claim the fantastic jackpot of an X-Box to take home with her!

The draw came about after the School’s ICT department was gifted the X-Box by Microsoft earlier in the year, in recognition of the number of pupils in Years Ten and Eleven who have sat its Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) modules.

The raffle, held across all year groups during the final week of term, was staged to raise money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in the Royal Victoria Hospital, which offers invaluable support to those under its care, with pupils asked to donate a minimum of £5 towards this highly worthwhile cause.

The draw to determine the winners of the raffle was conducted during the end-of-term assembly on Monday 19th December, with Rachel being announced as the winner, Adam McBurney (Year Fourteen) finishing as runner-up and, with it, winning concert tickets to see ‘The Vamps’, and both Cameron Gordon (Year Eight) and Daniel Stewart (Year Eleven) winning cinema tickets as joint recipients of the third place prize.

In total the charity draw succeeded in raising an impressive £820 for the RVH’s Paediatric ICU – an impressive total made possible only by the continued generosity of Grosvenor’s pupils. Many thanks to the school’s Charity co-ordinator Mrs McClelland, who organized the entire event, as well as fellow teachers Mrs Salt and Mrs McLaughlin who generously donated the second and third place prizes.

We look forward to reading about many further charity-related endeavors within the school over the remainder of the year.


Grosvenor pupil Rachel Gallagher (second from left), pictured alongside Dr. Vasey, Mrs McClelland and runner-up Adam McBurney, who claimed the first prize of an X-Box following the School's charity prize raffle, held on Monday 19th December.