GGS elite Table Tennis Attainment

Congratulations to Grosvenor table tennis players Emma Kee, Lucy Craig, James Magrath and Lucy Johnston who have continued to excel in their respective categories at both provincial and national level throughout the current season.

Perhaps the standout performances amongst this talented quartet have come from third former Emma Kee who was recently selected to represent Ulster at Division One level in the Junior British League, having cemented her ranking of number one in Ulster in the Under 15 girls’ category. In addition Emma is ranked fourth in Ireland in the same category, as well as second in Ulster at Under 18 level – a classification open to pupils up to four years older than her!

Ably supporting Emma has been Lucy Craig, also form three, who likewise attained selection to represent Ulster in Division One of the Junior British League having secured a ranking of second in Ulster at under 15 level (behind Emma), fifth in Ireland in the same category, and third in Ulster at Under 18.

Not to be forgotten, fourth former James Magrath was also chosen to represent Ulster in the Junior British League, this time in Division 2A of the Under 18 boys’ category, and is currently ranked 8th in Ulster in this age-group despite being a mere fifteen years of age.

Finally, the youngest of GGS’s table tennis stars in second former Lucy Johnston who continues to display exceptional promise and is currently ranked sixth in Ulster at Under 13 level.

Well done to all of Grosvenor’s elite table tennis stars who continue to represent the school with distinction both provincially and nationally: we wish them the best of luck in their continued sporting endeavors over the remainder of this season and beyond

Left to right: Table tennis stars James Magrath, Emma Kee and Lucy Craig, pictured alongised Dr. Vasey, who have continued to excel within their respective categories this season.