GGS ‘Mini Olympics’

On Friday 25th May Grosvenor played host to a number of local Primary Schools as part of its annual ‘Mini Olympics’ sporting event. 

In total some 90 pupils from 4 local Primary Schools; namely Dundonald, Brooklands, Orangefield and Andrews Memorial, competed on the day, with the latter three schools each providing two teams. 

Each pupil received the opportunity to participate in Tag Rugby, Kwik Cricket and Hockey, as well as Athletics, where pupils competed in speed bounce, sprints and the long jump. 

The tournament was played as a round-robin competition over the four events, with Team 2 from Brooklands Primary School emerging as the victors and Dundonald P.S. finishing second. 

Congratulation to Grosvenor’s entire P.E. department, which turned out in force to ensure that the day ran successfully.  In particular, special praise goes to Mr Ryan Kyrianis, who was voted ‘best coach’ on the day.  Mr Kyrianis, along with fellow P.E. student Mr Philip Stoops, has been visiting local Primary Schools throughout the year to coach pupils in sports such as those offered at last Friday’s event.

Well done to those who organised the event so successfully as well as the many pupils who competed admirably on the day.