GGS Open Evenings 2018

On the evenings of Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th January Grosvenor staged its annual Open Evenings as a large number of prospective primary school pupils and their parents/guardians were invited to tour the school and witness, at first hand, the huge range of curricular, co and extra-curricular activities that it has to offer. 

During their journey visitors witnessed experiments in the Science Department and award-winning projects in Technology and Design, experienced culinary treats in Home Economics and viewed the school’s sporting stars in action in its impressive Sports Hall.

In addition those in attendance were afforded the opportunity to attend an address by the School’s Principal, Dr Frances Vasey, on two separate occasions during the evening. 

A massive range of activities were showcased throughout the two nights, many taking place against the backdrop of melodious music provided at various locations by the school’s renowned Choir, as well as the String Quartet, Jazz Band and Orchestra, amongst others. 

Many thanks to the numerous students who participated on each of the evenings and helped the School to fully reflect the wide range of subjects, activities and initiatives on offer for its pupils.

We look forward to welcoming visitors back to the school for various other events throughout the remainder of the year. 

Grosvenor pupils (from left to right): Rachel Fisher, Sam McClintock, Rebekah Wilson, Callum Neill and Abby Dunlop in the Biology departmeent during one of Grosvenor's Open Evenings on Thursday 11th January.

Grosvenor's senior rugby players hard at work in the fitness suite during the first of this year's Open Evenings, on Wednesday 10th January.