Girls Rugby: Eastern Regional Development Under 18 squad.

Congratulations to Grosvenor girls’ rugby players Holly Brannigan, Anna Stanfield, Fern Wilson and Emma Kee, each of whom have been selected onto the highly prestigious Eastern Regional Development Under 18 squad.

The girls were selected from a screening session held at Portadown Rugby Club on 26th September, which was open to anybody born between 2000 and 2004, and tested specific skills such as passing, tackling and offloading before the players finished the day by participating in a real-match environment.

Following their participation at this event the girls were informed of their selection to the final squad, which will now train once a month until Christmas at Malone Rugby Club, in an effort to improve basic skills. The composition of the squad is such that it includes both experienced and inexperienced players with potential, with a view to developing skills and feeding the Ulster Under 18 team for the next number of years.

Very well done to Holly, Anna, Fern and Emma on being chosen to this elite squad, as well as their coach – GGS P.E. teacher Mrs Kirk: all at the School wish them the best of luck in their participation within it and hopefully we will be reporting on their selection to the final Ulster side in the very near future.

Grosvenor pupils (from left to right): Emma Kee, Anna Stanfield and Fern Wilson, pictured alongside Dr. Vasey, who, along with fellow student Holly Barnnigan, have been selected onto the elite Eastern Regional Development Ulster Under 18 squad.