'GoMAD' Senior School presentation

On Wednesday 29th November Grosvenor’s Senior School welcomed the organisation 'GoMAD' (Go Make a Difference) to its William Moles Hall, as its founder - former GGS pupil Mr Graham McClure - delivered an informative and engaging presentation to in excess of two hundred pupils from years thirteen and fourteen.

GoMAD is an independent charity which offers people the chance to visit Tanzania and be involved with community development projects and make a difference in the lives of people who live there. Mr McClure founded the organisation in 2008 and has been travelling to Tanzania for over twenty years.

Throughout the presentation the pupils present were quizzed on their knowledge of Tanzania and Mr McClure presented shocking statistics regarding the lives of Tanzanian natives, which succeeded in making everyone more aware of the serious situation which exists in that country. Mr McClure also spoke of a trip which is heading to Tanzania next July, inviting pupils from Grosvenor to attend along with students from schools such as Strathearn, Campbell College and Sullivan Upper, who have already committed to the trip.

This is an incredibly worthwhile opportunity; as a result of Mr McClure’s talk, some of the School’s Senior School pupils have expressed a strong interest in travelling to Tanzania in July and have now started making fundraising arrangements in order to make the dream a reality.

We would like to thank Mr McClure for giving us such an engaging and informative presentation and look forward to hearing more information about GoMAD in the future.





Graham McClure, founder of 'GoMAD', pictured alongside pupils (from left to right): Claire Sullivan, Angus Harron, Amy Cullen, Aaron Harrison, Jack Patterson and Sarah Myles during his visit to the School on Wednesday 29th November.