‘Good Relations and Citizenship Programme’

At the end of November Grosvenor’s Lower Sixth ‘Habitat for Humanity’ participants were joined by nine of their counterparts from from ‘Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Knock’ as part of the programme’s ‘Good Relations and Citizenship Programme’.

The second school day in this year’s programme provided both sets of pupils with the opportunity to work together once again, and to challenge stereotypes in order to create a greater awareness of the global challenges facing us all. Pupils took part in workshops exploring poverty, social justice and conflict as well as citizenship and models of active participation.

Grosvenor’s involvement in the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ initiative has already seen its pupils help to complete construction work at the nearby ‘Windsor Presbyterian Church’ and, under the direction of teacher Mrs Fiona Browne, we look forward of hearing of further events relating to the scheme over the coming weeks.


Grosvenor's 'Habitat for Humanity' participants along with their counterparts from 'Our Lady and St.Patrick's College, Knock' during their 'Good Relations and Citizenship' day at the end of November