Graham Cup 2013

The morning of Saturday 7th September saw Grosvenor stage the annual ‘Graham Cup’ competition as it welcomed schools from across Ireland to compete in the season’s now customary curtain-raiser.

Competing teams from Banbridge Academy, Wesley College, Belfast Royal Academy and Rainey Endowed, as well as Grosvenor itself, helped to provide an entertaining spectacle for those in attendance as a high standard of play was evident throughout.

Following a series of closely fought encounters defending champions Wesley College, who travelled all the way from Dublin, were once again crowned overall winners after going unbeaten throughout the competition.  Their decisive victory came in the final match of the day as they defeated Banbridge Academy, who up to that point has also been unbeaten, by two clear tries.

For Grosvenor’s 1st XV squad the morning also proved highly worthwhile, with its standout performance coming in the form of a two try defeat of B.R.A. in its final match. 

Many thanks to Grosvenor coaches Mr Kyle McCallan and Mr Gary Hunter whose organisation helped to make the competition such a success, as well as the other competing teams whose attendance on the day made for such a competitive event.

We look forward to further updates regarding Grosvenor’s 1st XV progress throughout the season.