Grosvenor plays host to Autoline’s ‘Respect the Road’ Campaign

On the morning of Wednesday 14th March Grosvenor’s Senior School pupils welcomed road safety ambassadors Evanna Kieran and Tracy Doherty to the William Moles Hall where they delivered a most engaging road safety workshop, in conjunction with Autoline Insurance.

The programme involves an interactive educational road safety workshop, consisting of videos and harrowing first-hand accounts of real life incidents delivered by Tracey - a former PSNI Traffic Branch Officer of over thirty years’ experience.

During the presentation, students also had the opportunity to learn more about the young driver insurance product ‘ChilliDrive’, a phone app based on telematics technology which can dramatically improve safety standards in young drivers by tracking and generating a score for each of their trips and outlining where improvements can be made to their driving habits; it is having a really positive impact on its current live users - on average, over a six-month period, the number of dangerous driving incidents recorded by the app fell by almost 20% as drivers improved their habits behind the wheel. 

Many thanks to Evanna and Tracey for taking the time to visit the school and deliver such a worthwile session to the School’s Year Thirteen and Fourteen pupils – feedback from the students immediately following the event was extremely positive and hopefully it will now have a positive impact on their driving habits as a result.


A number of Grosvenor's Year Fourteen pupils with Road Safety Ambassador Tracy Doherty on the morning of Wednesday 14th March.