Grosvenor Pupils Score on ‘Final Score’ at the BBC

On Saturday 6th February a group of three lucky Grosvenor pupils, namely Aaron Fleming, Josh Fisher and Claire Sullivan, accompanied by Media Studies teacher Miss Knox, were afforded a rare opportunity when they were invited to spend the day at the BBC ‘Sport NI’ studios, watching the production and airing of the ‘Final Score’ programme.

The day began as the pupils shadowed the producer, Gareth Fitzsimmons, conducting a production team meeting. Here, a schedule of the matches that were to be played throughout the day was distributed; each assistant producer was given a match to watch and, quite impressively, edited the football matches as they were being played. There was a frighteningly close deadline between the final whistles and the beginning of Final Score, however all producers were successfully able to cut a ninety minute match down to one minute and thirty seconds. The Grosvenor pupils were given the task of logging the key events onto a time sheet, ensuring that not a moment was missed!

During filming the pupils observed the intensity unfold; the producer had to ensure that airing didn't run a second over time. Furthermore, the production team had to link to sports journalists, who were at all the stadiums across the country, for post-match interviews.

After filming, Gavin Andrews, BBC sports journalist and broadcaster, gave Grosvenor's triumvirate of pupils a tour of the studio and even let them all use the autocue! He left them with some good advice: it's not about being a high flyer, it's about finding something you love doing and stepping into situations where you might be noticed; being trustworthy and reliable is very important and a little bit of luck helps too!

Good luck to our budding sports journalists…you’re one step closer now!

Grosvenor's budding journalists (from left to right): Josh Fisher, Aaron Fleming and Claire Sullivan pictured alongside BBC sports reporter Gavin Andrews during their visit to the BBC studios on Saturday 6th February.