'Habitat for Humanity' collaboration

During September and October ten pupils from Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen collaborated with a number of their counterparts from ‘Our Lady and St Patrick’s College’ over the course of three days, learning more about the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ charity and what exactly the organisation does. 

Two of these days were spent at each respective school, with pupils from both schools completed a range of activities, focusing on issues such as poverty and stereotyping, as well as evaluating what they had learned and gained from their involvement in the initiative. 

Several of the activities were extremely eye-opening experiences; the charity representatives shared their own experiences of the hardships both in the developing world and right here in Northern Ireland.

These three days of collaboration will be followed by a ‘site day’ on Friday 10th November – when all twenty participating pupils will experience, at first hand, the realities of working on an actual 'Habitat for Humanity' construction site, before staging a number of fundraising initiatives over the coming months, designed to raise as much money as possible for the hugely worthwhile charity.

Many thanks to GGS teacher Mrs Browne for co-ordinating the School’s participation within this initiative and we look forward to hearing more about the pupils' progress over the remainder of the year.

Year Thirteen pupils from Grosvenor and 'Our Lady and St. Patrick's College' during one of their collaboration days in October.