Habitat for Humanity 'No Phone Zone'

On Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st June a number of Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen pupils participated in a ‘No Phone Zone’ initiative which saw them give up access to their mobile phones for a full 24 hours, in aid of the global housing charity ‘Habitat for Humanity’.

The enterprise was the latest in a long series of activities which the School’s Year Thirteen pupils have participated in throughout the year, such as assisting with the construction of houses in the Shankhill Road and the organisation of a whole-school DVD day just before Easter.

At present it is not yet known how much money was raised through the ‘No Phone Zone’ but we look forward to adding to the incredible total of over £22000 which the school has raised, in partnership with ‘Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College’, for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ over the past ten years.

Well done to all of the pupils involved as well as GGS teacher Mrs Browne, who co-ordinated the initiative. 

Year Thirteen pupils (from left to right) Zoe Baird, James Martin and Holly Martin look relieved to be reunited with their mobile phones on the morning of Wednesday 21st June!