History trip to Krakow, Poland

Over the half term break Grosvenor’s History department offered the opportunity for 42 pupils from all year groups within the school to participate in an educational trip to Krakow, Poland, where the party engaged in a range of informative and didactic activities.

After making the journey to Krakow by plane and bus on Wednesday 18th February the group engaged in a four hour walking, guided sightseeing tour of Krakow on the morning of Thursday 19th, followed by a further guided sightseeing tour of Kaziminierz (Jewish Old Town) and a visit to the factory of Oscar Schindler later in the day.

Following this perhaps the most memorable and impacting events of the trip took place on Friday 20th when the entire party participated a moving trip to Auscwitz/Birkeneau where a guided tour helped to emphasize to all present the horrific events that took place there during the Second World War.  After this the afternoon was spent visiting the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine while pupils then had the opportunity to explore the square in Krakow later in the evening.

The final day of the trip was Saturday 21st February and the morning was spent visiting Wawel Castel and Cathedral before all present made the journey to the airport, ready for the journey home which eventually brought them back to Grosvenor in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Many thanks to History teacher Mrs Andria Peel who led the trip and whose diligent organization made it possible.  In addition teachers Mrs Amanda Salt, Ms Lorraine Gray, Mr Stephen Smyth and Mr Jonathan Arnold also helped to make the trip possible through their presence on it and therefore deserve much credit for enabling all of the pupils present to benefit from the educational visits and tours which made the trip so worthwhile. 

Grsovenor pupils explore the the Square in Krakow during their visit in February