Inaugural Form One ‘Bake Off’

Well done to Form 1N who were victorious in the first ever Grosvenor ‘Bake Off’, held in the Home Economics Department on the afternoon of Wednesday 17th December.

Prior to the contest each form class was required to select a team of four participants (two boys and two girls), which was then required to tackle the task of making and decorating six Christmas cookies. The basic ingredients and recipe were provided but each team was free to add its own ingredients, decoration and presentation.

The teams were marked on taste, presentation and teamwork with each group attaining extremely high standards in a number of the areas.  The winning team of 1N, comprising Eva Russell, Katherine Harrison, Javan Pang and Lewis Nelson, achieved particularly high marks in all of the relevant sections, however, and were worthy winners of the inaugural event.

Well done to all of the pupils who participated in the event and, in particular, Miss Jenny McDowell (Head of Form One) and Mrs Kate Buchanan (Head of Health and Social Care) whose diligent preparation for and organization of the event helped to make it such a resounding success.

1N 'Bake Off' participants Katherine Harrison, Eva Russell, Lewis Nelson and Javan Pang celebrate following their victory in this year's inaugural contest