Junior Hockey Tour to Holland and Disneyland

Well done to the School’s female hockey staff who successfully organised the annual Junior Hockey Tour, on this occasion to Amsterdam and Paris, for over 50 pupils during the dates of Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th March.

The tour saw a total of four different teams from the School compete in a number of matches in Almere and Nordjwik, Amsterdam, before setting off for Paris where they spent Saturday 23rd April at Disneyland before partaking in a sightseeing tour on the afternoon of Sunday 24th.

The tour was action-packed and proved highly popular with the pupils, who were afforded an opportunity to develop their hockey skills whilst also participating in a range of fun, social activities. 

Many thanks to Grosvenor’s staff members, namely Head of Girls’ P.E. Mrs Linda McIlvenny, Dr Frances Vasey, Mrs Karen Kirk, Miss Lynn Wilson and Mrs Angela Dickson who willingly gave of their time in order to make the tour possible – the pupils who benefited from it appreciated the experience greatly and are looking forward to similar opportunities over the years to come.  

Grosvenor's junior hockey players during their tour to Holland and France at the end of March.