‘Lawrenceville School Northern Ireland Peace Proteges’ scholarship

Congratulations to former Grosvenor pupil Angus Harron who was recently afforded the opportunity to meet with Richard Cushnie, diplomat with the Northern Ireland Bureau, during a visit to Washington D. C. in connection with his participation in the elite, highly prestigious ‘Lawrenceville School Northern Ireland Peace Proteges’ scholarship.

Angus, last year’s Deputy Head Boy, secured his place on this keenly contested scholarship after a number of pupils were approached by Miss Hyndman, then Head of Senior School in Grosvenor, last May. From here Angus was required to complete a written application process which involved outlining the reasons why he wished to be considered for the scholarship, before then participating in a series of interviews via Skype. Angus received confirmation of his place to study at Lawrenceville shortly after completing his A level examinations in June, and hasn’t looked back since.

Since departing for Lawrenceville at the end of August, Angus has commenced his study of a range of subjects, chosen around his areas of academic interest; he is therefore undertaking several History courses as well as Literature and Critical Writing, while he has also taken up courses in Russian and Applied Mathematics. There is a very strong emphasis on inter-disciplinary studying within the programme, which is based around what is known as 'The Harkness Table'; this means that every class is taught around a communal table and everyone has to come to class prepared and willing to participate – it is very collaborative, with around eight pupils to each teacher, with the format intended to mimic that of university seminars.

Sport is also a big feature of the programme and Angus, accordingly, has been participating as a member of the Varsity football (soccer) team, which involves daily training and weekly matches against other schools. There are great sports facilities at the School, including a nine-hole golf course, and so, after the soccer season is over, Angus intends to make the most of this provision by playing tennis as well as, possibly, participating in golf and rowing. There are also a variety of further clubs and extra-curricular activities available to participate in, with Angus hoping to build on his leading role in Grosvenor’s Production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ last year by taking the opportunity to further his acting skills. 

The year is academically demanding and is definitely not a holiday; it is deliberately intended to be rigorous as there's stiff competition for regular Lawrenceville places.

Classes start at 8am and there are also classes on Saturday mornings; there's sport each afternoon, with the only day-off coming on a Sunday. During his occasional days off Angus has already used this time to visit New York City and, as previously mentioned, Washington D.C.

The ‘Peace Proteges’ scholarship is organised by an ex-pupil and ex-teacher of The Lawrenceville School who studied Irish History and the peace process and, following the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, was inspired to arrange for the school to fund two scholarship places in their 'postgraduate' (post-High School Diploma/pre-College) year for two post-A level Northern Irish students. The idea is that the scholars will benefit from the school's excellent academic and sporting provision while getting experience of American life and forging new, international friendships.

It’s fair to say that Angus has fully immersed himself in the Lawrenceville experience since arriving two months ago – he understandably intends to get as much out of the experience as possible between now and next May/ June, when he will graduate, before taking up his deferred place at Cambridge University in October 2019.

Angus’ selection to participate in this programme is testament to his immense academic and sporting ability; to emerge from his seven years in Grosvenor with the skills to negotiate such a demanding pathway is a positive reflection on the quality of the education that he has received during this time but, most importantly, the determination, dedication and commitment which he, on a personal level, has developed also. 

Angus is the second GGS pupils in as many years to be chosen for this scholarship, following former Head Girl Annie McKirgan’s selection in 2017; with this in mind all at Grosvenor wish him the best of luck over the remainder of what promises to be a fantastic year, and look forward to, hopefully, another of the school’s talented pupils being singled out to benefit from the experience again next year.  

Angus Harron (right), last year's Deputy Head Boy in Grosvenor, pictured alongside Richard Cushnie, diplomat with the Northern Ireland Bureau, in conjunction with his participation in the elite, highly prestigious 'Lawrenceville Northern Ireland Peace Proteges' scholarship. 

Angus, pictured last year alongside 2017/18 Head Boy Aaron Harrison and Deputy Head Boy Jack Patterson.

Angus during his lead performance in the School's 2017 Musical Drama production of 'Sister Act'.