'Learn Spark' Year Thirteen Study Sessions

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th October Grosvenor’s Senior School pupils welcomed Paul Gray, from the educational training company ‘Learn Spark’, to the school where he delivered two highly informative, enlightening and worthwhile training sessions to each of the year group’s 140 pupils.

Paul spoke to those present about different revision techniques available to them, such as placing sticky-notes in different rooms around your house, as well as discussing the merits of strategies such as re-reading material and highlighting text.

During the sessions pupils also participated in practical activities such as stacking plastic cups, lowering a wooden stick to the ground as a team, and spotting how many times a particular letter appeared within a passage of writing – all of which had a real, practical purposes behind them

Feedback from pupils was extremely positive regarding the initiative: they commented on the useful resources and valuable information that they took away from the sessions, such as study timetables and ideas like establishing self-regulated ‘no phone’ times. 

Many thanks to Paul Gray for taking the time to visit the school and share his plethora of knowledge with our pupils – we now look forward to them adopting many of his suggested strategies as they prepare for their mock examinations in December as well as their AS examinations next May and June.

Paul Gray from 'Learn Spark', pictured alongside Grosvenor pupils (from left to right): Bethany McKittrick, Chris Garrett, Tyler Smith, Stephen Wright, Emma Kee and Ruth Sellar.